Dignan Construction

Raymond G. Dignan Construction Co.

Since 1977, Raymond G. Dignan Construction Co. has established a commanding reputation in the residential construction market. Throughout the Chicagoland area, you can find trademark Dignan-built luxurious homes everywhere. Primarily a high-end residential builder, Dignan has specialized in custom-designing dream homes on perfectly suited lots. The company was founded on the premise of quality construction and floor plans as unique and beautiful as the families who buy them. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring functionality and aesthetics together in perfect harmony.

The First Step

The first step in the custom home process is the budget and design consultation. A meeting would take place to establish a budget and to determine the size home and desired location. We make available many photo books of previously-built homes for ideas, inspiration, and direction. A meeting with one of our prominent and well-established architects would take place in our office, and the home design would begin to take form. Preliminary sketches would be drafted and modifications and revisions would be made until together, we’ve created the perfect draft of your dream home. A final draft would then be drawn and the bidding process would begin.

Quality Assurance

Many talk about quality, but can’t deliver. At Raymond G. Dignan Construction Co., quality becomes a reality. We include a guarantee on not only the aesthetic appeal of every home we build, but an assurance of the energy efficiency, too. We deliver this in the form of Low-E glass windows, Thermo-Ply protective sheathing, top-grade insulation, flashing and subfloor details, foundation sealing, and an overall airtight construction process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The final step in the custom home-building process is delivery and walk-through. We do this rigorously and intensely, with a full 15-point Quality Assurance Check, which tests critical home features such as the foundation, insulation, and home tightness. A pre-drywall even ensures the quality we’ve become known for, and serves as a daily part of our on-site field manager’s daily routine. We’re not happy unless you are.